Biodegradable coffee cupsNo More Plastic Cups

We take our responsibility to waste management very seriously, in fact, so seriously that we have moved away from plastic cups all together.

We switched from plastic stirrers ages ago because we’ve always been conscious of the effect of plastic on the environment. Our stirrers have long been sourced from ethically sustainable forests.

We do use a lot of disposable cups everyday and we are acutely aware that we are adding to the growing plastic waste problem beginning to plague our planet. We are only a small coffee house but we have been worried about this polluting effect for a long time.

Thankfully we have found now a supplier of Bio-degradable cups. These cups look and feel identical but they decompose over time. Keeping your drink, fresh, hot and secure whilst your on the go, you can feel good about this cup because it eventually dissolves into nothing.

Wake up and “smell the coffee” campaign for all coffee shops to use biodegradable cups.