Please read this recent complaint

We would take all complaints very seriously but when we got our first one, we just had to put it up.

Hello Robert.
I am not used to complaining.  I don’t consider it to be “British.”  However, I am compelled to write to you about a bag of Brazil Fazenda beans bought for me, by my sister, from your St. Ives shop and sent to me as a “gift” with another bag of, as yet unopened, beans.
The Brazil Fazenda were in my possession for a week or so before opening due to already having opened a bag from another company.  I grind as required and try not to have more than one bag in use at a time.
Upon opening and grinding your beans, I found my first, and subsequent cups of coffee to be simply the most pleasurable and multi layered coffee taste sensation experienced in my own home.  3 distinctly different stages to every mouthful.  Friends and family are sick of hearing about it and now, no one is accepting my calls.
Frankly the bar for “good coffee” at home has been raised so high by your product, that simply nipping out to the supermarket for inferior beans is no longer an option to me.  Thanks for that.  Even my Grumpy Mule collection is failing to excite me quite the same as the prospect of trying other beans from your range.  I consider it distinctly “not cricket” that my coffee snobbery is now scaling new heights.  Sadly, I suspect that my enjoyment of high-street coffee now falls so disappointingly short of the Smell The Coffee experience that anything else simply won’t do.  This is of course an infringement of my human rights and possibly the Geneva Convention.  Probably.  If I had “people”, you would be hearing from them.
Anyway, my sister says you are a good bunch and I hope to further descend into madness trying my other bag of your produce soon.  Hopefully, it will be merely “very good” rather than epoch making.

Darren Johnston

We all fell off our chairs, thanks Darren. That’s an amazing review and thanks for giving us permission to put it up online.