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Authentic Coffee Bag Aprons


Coffee Bean Bag Aprons

Also for sale in our shop in St. Ives in Cambridgeshire.

These original coffee bean bag aprons are made of the actual bags used to transport the coffee from the country of origin. We take delivery of the coffee beans from the suppliers in these wonderful hessian sacks. Some of them are printed with the logos of the suppliers or various Customs & Excise marks from different coffee producing countries and ports.

We select the most interesting sacks and have these fresh and practical aprons made for us. Perfect for all sorts of cooking and prep work where you want to wear original protection.

The aprons have a cotton backing material as well as long straps to enable tying at the front after wrapping the straps round your waist. Our aprons are long and wide, covering your sides and down to the knee.

We have a selection in the shop but i’m afraid we can’t put all the different designs online. We just make sure they all look great.

We Love Coffee

We intend to supply magnificent coffee from around the world both from our online shop and our real life coffee shop.

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