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100g bags, Loose Leaf


This is a full-flavoured tea with deep berry notes. The cup is deep burgundy red, oozing strength and character. This decaf, loose-leaf tea gives a refreshing, healthy drink without caffeine and is delicious either hot or cold.

This caffeine-free fruit and herb tea contains a blend of dried fruits and herbs including luxury hibiscus, elderberries, dried black and red currants:

  • The hibiscus adds a tart, refreshing dimension.
  • The rose-hip chips add mellow smoothness and Vitamin C.
  • The currants give the tea a very distinctive character – black for fruitiness and red for “bite” and tangy flavour.
  • The raisins top this off with their natural sweetness.


In winter, add a few cloves and cinnamon sticks, simmer for an hour and then add some red wine – a perfect mulled wine for cold stormy nights. In summer, drink as an iced tea or try freezing it into lolly moulds for children.

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