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Buckingham Palace Tea



100g bags, Loose Leaf


This is a medium-bodied blend with a golden coppery colour, delicately flavoured with Earl Grey and Jasmine. It is the blend specially selected for garden parties at Buckingham Palace and is perfect for afternoon tea.

Each cup is a taste sensation with the flavours coming to the fore at separate times – one minute you taste the Earl Grey, the next you can almost feel the soft floral notes of Jasmine. Finally you get the satisfying fullness of the Assam Ceylon and Kenya blend. Enjoy this tea and be a part of the annual tradition that takes place in the west gardens of Buckingham Palace


The Buckingham Palace blend combines high-grown pure Ceylon Earl Grey blended with soft Jasmine from Fujian Province. Also included are malty Assam (from the Borengajuli estate) , flavoursome Dimbula Ceylon (from Hatton) and a brisk, golden Kenyan (from Kambaa and Kagwe), combining to form a lovely tea.

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