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Japanese Sencha tea is one of the finest green teas available. The leaves of the tea plant are steamed, dried and rubbed to give the distinctive appearance and glossy look and feel. These processing methods give a cup that is light in colour with a rich and full taste.


Japan produces some of the best green teas in the world and Sencha is highly valued as a luxury tea. It is used in Japanese tea ceremonies marking important family events. The primary producing area in Japan is the Shizuoka area, south west of Tokyo and the famous bullet train zooms through the tea growing area on its way to Osaka. The efficiency of Japan’s tea production is amongst the highest in the world. Izu Matcha, a green tea powder classed as a well being tea because of the high antioxidant and polyphenol levels, is made from Sencha. Our own Riverdance Green (see Wellness teas) contains this highly beneficial ingredient

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