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Wilfa- Classic coffee machine (Filter)



This coffee maker offers everything you need to make a gorgeous pour-over brew, including a drip tray, a permanent filter element, a hot-plate and a one-litre water tank.  All of these elements combine to form a whole that’s typically Scandinavian in design – with everything on display, you’ll be able to observe each stage of the coffeemaking process!

The plate will heat the water to the optimum brewing temperature in a matter of moments, and store your coffee at the required heat for forty minutes before automatically shutting off.  As such, it’s fantastic for instances where you’d like to go back for a second round.

The extraction time is adjustable based on the amount of water you’re using, so you can be sure of consistent results whether you’re making a large batch or a single cup.  You’ll even get a visual reminder when the time comes to descale the machine, allowing you to keep it in great working order for years to come.  If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that’ll help you make great coffee easily, then look no further.

Once you’ve secured your coffeemaker, all you’ll need to do next is secure a steady supply of high-quality coffee grounds.  Fortunately, that’s also something we can help with!

This coffee maker comes courtesy of Wilfa Svart, and evidences a typically Scandinavian approach to design.  All of the elements – from the kettle to the dripper to the server – are on display, so you’ll be able to take in each stage of the process.  If you’re a fan of pour-over, it’ll provide everything your need!

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