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Wilfa Svart (Coffee Grinder)



The Wilfa SVART Aroma is easy to use, the grind level indicator makes the adjustment quick and simple for your preferred home brew method.

The settings can produce coffee for almost any of your preferred home brewing methods – the stovetop espresso maker, Aeropress coffee maker, filter / drip or V60 brewing, Cafetiere or french press, Chemex and many others.

However, if you’re looking to grind your beans for an espresso machine, the Wilfa Svart probably wouldn’t be the choice for you

Using the steep, french press or filter settings will give you a coarse grind, while Aeropress and Mocca settings will give you a finer grind. But not as fine as espresso grind for machines.

How the Wilfa Svart Grinder works

Firstly, you place the coffee beans in the top section of the grinder, called the hopper.

Tip: You don’t want to leave your beans in the hopper for too long, so the advice is to put in the hopper just about enough for the day on which you are using it

Using the built-in timer, you set how long you want the machine to grind for. This is great for ensuring you get the same amount of grind every time – so if you know how you like your coffee, you’ll love this.

Coffee beans are ground from a 250g hopper, a timer allows for correct volumes depending on how many cups you are making.

There’s also an easy to use grind adjustment which again is built into the machine as part of the 250g hopper.

Canonical Burr Grinding

The Wilfa Svart uses canonical burrs, which means they produce much less heat while grinding. What that means is you maintain the amazing aromas that come from the coffee beans. Imagine the amazing smell of fresh coffee oozing round the house on a Saturday morning.


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